Crispy Baked Sweet BBQ Chicken

Crispy Sweet Baked BBQ Chicken

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This is one of my favorite fun dishes to make. My husband loves it, so I make it whenever he's in the mood. It's sweet, crispy and juicy. Yes for that time of 7 minutes before the next flip over, it is tedious (and you have to do that 5 times). When you broil the chicken may it possibly will cause smoke. Have a fan handy, to fan the light smoke before the alarm goes off. I turn on all my fans around the house to help.


  • Four Chicken Thighs - Skin on

  • BBQ Sauce 1/2 Tbl each time per side (making sure the cooking side is covered with the sauce)

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 1 Tbl

  • Salt and Pepper Sprinkled over chicken sides


  • Preheat oven to 400 F.
  • Pat the chicken thighs dry on all sides.
  • Place a wire rack on backing sheet covered with aluminum foil.
  • Add Olive Oil and rub with salt and pepper on all sides of the thighs.
  • Place skin side up. Cook for 25 minutes.
  • After the 25 minutes, take the chicken out and raise temperature to 425 F to add the preheat without turning it over - brush with bbq sauce.
  • Place in oven for 7 minutes.
  • Take chicken out and flip over and coat the bottom of it with BBQ Sauce.
  • After the 7 minutes - Flip the chicken for the top side. Place for another 7 minutes
  • Do this flip step 5 more times and adding more BBQ sauce to the top of the skin facing up.
  • Put under broiler for 2-3 minutes (While watching it) - it will start smoking (hence to why to watch it )
  • Add with plated sides. Mozzarella pasta salad is shown. But it can go with other salads and sides that will compliment the chicken.


  • Reheating isn't a problem - 350 for 10 minutes in the oven - toaster oven is great for a single chicken thigh.
  • I used Sweet Baby Rays for BBQ Sauce - my personal preference
  • Pairs well with Mozzarella pasta salad, mashed potatoes or and buttered vegetables
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